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Soaking Up Some Rays in 2016- Marvel & DC Movies

I don’t know what you’ll be doing for 2016 but as my husband so perfectly dubs it…I’ll be soaking up some rays. 

I will be in the movie theatre…don’t call, don’t text, if you need a lift to take your cat to swimming lessons, I am so very sorry but you’re flat out of luck. There are more pressing matters to attend to… 

If you’ve been a bit out of the loop don’t worry…here are some wicked-cool reasons why 2016 is THE year for awesome, stay glued to your seat, no need for intermission Comic Book Movies.



I just love the double entendre in this poster…ha! So yeah…you were disappointed to say the least when you saw Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern. But his style of acting clearly fits Deadpool’s character Wade Wilson. An anti-hero with a sadistic smart mouth…yes please. Click here to see the hilarious trailer.

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I’ve got to admit…Ben Affleck as Batman– it’s a bit of a stretch. Especially since that Daredevil movie. He’s not a bad actor clearly and a pretty good director (Argo is pretty good). He just had some bad casting in the past. Having seen his performance in Gone Girl I’m filled with a bit of hope for this take on the Dark Knight. Regardless, who isn’t going to see a Batman vs. Superman movie…you? I didn’t think so. Click here for a sneak peek on what’s to come.

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I don’t want Captain America and Iron Man to fight! It does however make for a good movie so I suppose…In this third installment of the Captain America movie franchise Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) face off as the Captain apparently turns rouge as he fights to protect his friend Bucky (the Winter Solider). This happens as a catalyst to the events of the Avengers: Age of Ulton movie as politicians are now attempting to hold the avengers accountable for collateral damage. In a twist, Captain America is the vigilante in this case as he and a few other avengers do not wish to concede to protecting the planet under government regulation whereas Iron Man supports the Government’s proposition.  See trailer for the heart-wrenching and explosive preview.

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Being the super-geek that I am, I am super curious to see how the X-Men are going to defeat Apocalypse. I mean, he’s been around since pretty much forever. Plus, we get to find out Professor X loses his hair…finally. Click here to see the official trailer.

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I honestly think this movie may not be very good. I mean, the trailer looks good enough. It has some great actors like Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis to name a few. The movie came straight out of left field- obviously the franchise didn’t have the success of let’s say a Batman or Superman. It was lesser known, but much like the Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel), I really hope I’m wrong and the movie will be a surprise of a good time. But as a die-hard comic book aficionado it is still a call of nature for me to see it. Besides, everyone I’m sure will be watching it to see Leto’s take on The Joker.

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Sorry, but the making of this film has been so covert I have even been able to find a trailer. Here’s the general premise: Cocky surgeon has accident that shatters the bones in his hands, finds sorcerer in the Himalayas, get powers, not as cocky, helps save the world by ridding New York City of baddies…I’ve honestly never heard of Dr. Strange, and when I did my research I was not very enthused by the story-line. However, the studio made a great choice in bringing in a highly acclaimed and contemporary actor to play the part- David Cumerbatch from the Imitation Game. I believe that for a comic that cannot be compared in presence to the likes of other Marvel franchises like X-Men or even Captain America, getting a big name, polished actor was a good choice…so the likelihood of hit falling flat on its face is pretty minimal. Stay tuned…

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Sorry…this film is still so fresh I wasn’t able to find the actual movie poster or an official trailer. It’s slated to hit the big screens in November. There has been a lot of whispers of this movie coming out and the lead role will be goes to Mr. Magic Mike himself- Channing Tatum. I’m excited to see what he will bring to one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters. Channing has some big shoes to fill. Taylor Kitsch played Gambit in the X-Men Origins Movie: Wolverine and I think he did a pretty good job. Maybe the studio think think he had the star power to carry the movie? Undoubtedly, he’s got the movies to take on the characters agility and skills with a staff and cards, but does he have Gambits swag and Louisianian drawl? Hmmm…I think so. But this is definitely one to watch.

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Thanks for reading!

Did I miss out any great movies?

Let me know!

Have fun soaking up some rays!!!




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