I’d Rather Have Him- A Poem by Gizelle Riley

This was written when my husband and I were still in the early stages of our romance. About nine years years later it’s fun to reflect on my words and the girl I used to be. I see how much we both have grown. With those doubts and confusion now subsided, I feel so blessed to have fallen deeper in love. I hope you enjoy…


The definition of us…
Two individuals
Making a conscious effort
Only God knows why
To make whatever they are, whatever they have…work
Is it fear?
It’s no longer infatuation
Different than just love
It’s something else… something more
Whatever it is
I’d rather have him
Not that I can’t be without him
Or there isn’t “better” for us both
Still…more than anyone else
I’d rather have him
He’s not what I envisioned he’d be
But that’s just a vain pursuit isn’t it?
I’d rather it be he and I
Because with him it keeps getting better
Always rising, never declining
I’m not romanticizing the scenario
This man and myself
Frailties are human
And both are ever so conscious of the others flaws
I don’t know why he wants me
I’m young, naïve, afraid, and full of doubt
But day by day the doubts slowly fade
The only bit of honesty I have in me tells me still
That even though we’re adjusting
To unshaved legs and to leaving the seat up
I’d rather spend my life in bliss knowing he’ll always be there
And that he’s the most beautiful man I could ever hope to know
More than anyone else in the world
I’d rather have him
 Photo Credit: Kevin Riley (c) 2008

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