Women are THE most incredible creatures on earth! Sorry guys…your’re pretty great too… but you can’t hold a candle to us… Every women is a Wonder Woman. Women are expected to be all things to all people in almost every situation and being the maverick multitasks with a heart of gold that we are we actually want to be. Nonetheless, the fact remains that at some point we may just crack – and that serves no one any good does it? Who would save the world if Wonder Woman had a nervous break down?

Sometimes Wonder Woman needs to take a breather and have some ‘Me Time’. That means No kids, No spouse… NOTHING but ones own precious company! We make a lot of excuses as to why we can’t take time for ourselves. Every woman everywhere MUST have the sweet and precious embrace of me time and here are two simple reasons why.

Firstly, when you take time out to be away from the hustle and bustle of daily life you begin to feel your mind slowly letting go of all that unnecessary junk you were storing.  This relaxation of the mind brings clarity and capability to put things into perspective. A that ordinarily wouldn’t have happened when your all wound up.Letting go of the clutter allows you get to know yourself. Being everyone in every one is not only draining it sometimes makes us forget who we are and remember what makes us truly happy. Being alone and choosing to do things that bring you joy is highly cathartic – you are not a machine!

Secondly, all work and no play makes you…go crazy!

Wonder Women don’t forget- while you’re saving the world take time for yourself too.     It’s not selfishness- its sanity!

Thanks for Reading!


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