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21 Exam Memes- Because We Need Laugther In Between The Tears

There’s no stopping it- Exam Season. In a few more weeks we’ll stare death in face (O.K. maybe not that serious but it’s pretty close, right?) Whether you’ve been studying months in advance or you’re the last minute swatter type, we can all identify with the freak outs. So here are some memes to help you get through it. A few minutes of procrastination never hurt anyone….

WARNING: Some memes may contain content that are not suitable for children… or prudes.

It Begins…

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It’s THAT bad…

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Happens Every time…

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We’ll find out…


Image Credit:



You know….




…but atleast I’m free…

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…Damn liar…


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I KNEW it!

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…taking a walk on the wild side aren’t we?

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Is there any other way?

Image Credit:



When it it ever end?!


Image Credit:



You can’t overload…

Image Credit:



Damn you Internet!

Image Credit:




It only took a few hours…


Imaghe Credit:




…but we MUST be positive…

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That’s why I don’t ask questions…

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Don’t think this actually works…

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And finally, the sweet escape…


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