The BAD MIND Virus

We’re all a victim to it…that swirling negative energy the bad mind virus. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives other than letting you be the target of their misery and envy. We should actually take it as a compliment that some people whom we would never give a second thought to spend hours plotting our demise!

So…What exactly is Bad Mind?


A slang/expression used to describe someone who is jealous of others and is constantly being a critic on other people’s life. This person is extremely envious of the success of others, wishing/plotting for their downfall or failure.

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As hard as it is to stomach, we must feel deep sympathy for these bad mind mongers. The bad mind virus tends to infect those who have no life and a low self esteem. They are so devoid of self worth that they feel displacing their self loathing on you will alter their perception. One thing to remember about being the subject of bad mind-ism is that you are equipped with the very same qualities that the bad mind-er wishes to have. Why else are you the source of their disdain? You are the embodiment of their ideal. Even though some of us know this, dealing with it can be difficult at times. Here are three (3) things you can do to deal with bad mind people.

Ignore Them

Nothing infuriates a bad mind person more than being ignored. Why give them the pleasure of having their existence acknowledged? Remember, it’s the prerogative of the King/Queen to shun (48 Laws of Power) – they don’t have time for trivial matters. So put on that crown and shun away!

Call them out on their $%@*

There are those times when you must let your voice be heard. Trust your gut– you’ll know when things are getting out of hand. My rule of thumb is that if their words or actions threatens your well-being, livelihood, reputation or loved ones in a significantly damaging way, it’s time for action! Face them, call them on their crap, even engage other measures if you have to (ones that are legal). Let them and the world know that you are no push-over and do it in a way that they learn their lesson once and for all.


Photo Credit: ‘Kill Bad Mind’ – Gizelle Riley (c) 2016

Continue being AWESOME

Another way to treat the bad mind virus is to continue being your awesome self. This will infuriate them even more.You know they’re watching, so let their hate be fuel to continually enhance your better qualities. There are times when we’ll wonder what’s wrong with us- especially if you are the target of intense bad mind from many persons. Indeed, there is always time for taking a personal stock of ones self and fix things. Don’t forget to be strong. Know your worth and do not change for them. Remember this: If you tend to have a lot of persons envying you, you’re probably doing something right.


Thanks For Reading!


 Featured Photo Credit: Jamaica Observer -Article: Woman Friends (2015)

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