10 Ways to Declutter Your Life TODAY

Let’s face it…life gets hectic. After a while things tend to fall by the wayside, which leads to subsequent stress and the spiritual hair-tearing out complex.  It’s easy to get lost in a whirlwind of clutter. Here are some tips that you can use today to breathe a sigh of relief and help stabilize your life.

Make a To-Do List: I know, it seems cliché. But there’s a reason why it’s at the top of almost every list. Making a list puts things into perspective. I suggest making an extensive one for general purposes then break it down based on what you can actually accomplish in a day. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed and will feel a sense of accomplishment when you’ve actually completed it.

Create a budget: Ugghh…who wants to do this? Nobody, that’s who. But I guarantee that when you get over the initial dread and shock of your finances, you will feel more clear-headed as to how you can move forward. Who doesn’t like to find out how they can save a few bucks? Nobody, that’s who.

Run through your inbox: Spend an hour or two deleting old emails, spam, and responding to messages you’ve been meaning to get back to but just never found the time.

Finish that book: It happens all the time – we get interested in an amazing book, start reading it, put it down, and never think of it again. Make a concerted effort wrap it up even if you’re in a slow chapter. It’s better to get rid of the lingering thought of an unfinished book than having it get lost in oblivion.

Make some calls: Been meaning to call your loved ones or make some business calls? Strike it off your To-Do List today. Your mom’s been waiting…

Clean out your computer: Your virtual world is still part of your world so take the time get rid of applications you no longer use and files you no longer need. When that’s done give it a good update. You’ll feel like you have a faster running brand spanking new computer.

Give something away: This is my most favourite thing to do and it really lifts some weight off your shoulders. You can give away time by volunteering or even clothing items to the less fortunate. This significantly clears out some cobwebs in your mind and soul as you are engaging in the act of helping someone.

Get rid of stuff: This ranges from cleaning out your room, closet, junk draw, mail, kitchen...your entire personal living space. Start small and take the weekend to get rid of crap that has either expired or serves no purpose. Do you really need that pic of your ex? Do you really need those MC Hammer pants from the 90’s? No…you don’t. My rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in a year (unless it has some deep emotional value to you) you really don’t need it.

Exercise: I don’t like to exercise. I admit it. But I must also admit that when I do, I feel great afterwards. As exercising boosts the happy hormones of endorphins, take 20 minute to do some cardio, yoga or strength training. You’ll free your mind and look better for it.

Take a breather: The most important part of decluttering your life is taking moments of down time to reflect on you. Doing so will not only put your life in perspective and rearrange what you consider important in life, but it also opens up your ability to be grateful. Sitting back and relaxing in the realm of gratitude opens your soul to all the goodness life has to offer whilst blocking out unnecessary junk.

Do you have any tips for decluttering your life? I’d love to hear it! Message be by clicking on the Comment link and if you enjoyed the article click Like. 

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